PayMax The Complete Payroll Management.

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  • PayMax is a complete payroll management solution. PayMax provides a truly comprehensive range of payroll. This includes leave management, attendance tracking HR data tracking, investments and income tax calculation and much more.

    Key Features
    • Provide accurate up-to-date information for management and staff

    • Comprehensive, from time-sheet or biometric sensor, to payment. Everything is in one place for you and your staff.

    • Eliminate errors enabling you to focus on delivering value to the company

    • Highly configurable to meet your specific requirements

    • Fully compliant with statutory reporting requirements

    • Flexible and can grow with your company, providing a strategic fit to your longer-term requirements

    • Fully supported by help desk

    Loan Management
    • Dynamic masters for loan and advances

    • User definable deduction policy

    • Statement showing loan and advances

    • Provision to upload loan and advances

    Income Tax Management
    • Calculates total income, considers deduction and rebate, tax already paid and finally returns EMI

    • Provision to enter employee declaration

    • Captures house rent details of employee

    • Based on the above inputs and calculations income tax report is generated

    Leave Management
    • Keeps accurate track of the amount of Paid leave, Sick leave and Casual leave your employee’s entitled to maximum days for each type

    • Calendar year wise leave record is maintained

    • Whether the leave is allowed to be carried forward

    • Number of days allowed to be carried forward

    • Automatic Credit based on these rules, on accumulation basis

    • Facility to credit leave based on number of days/months worked

    • Pro-rated leave credit each month, if applicable

    • Encashment of leaves